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Airsqreen has created a simple ad platform built for the DOOH industry that manages and verifies campaigns in real-time. We are a technology bridge connecting advertisers directly to media operators. Create operational­ ­efficiencies­ and­ elevate­ an advanced ad platform to­ promote larger ad budgets.

  • WIN

    Grow Your Business

    Advertisers worldwide spend ~52X more on digital ads and ~7X more on video ads. (In your country these numbers may be even more dramatic!)

    Does it mean they benefit 5 times, 7 times, or 52 times more on other channels? We think not.

    Airsqreen helps you grow client business by bringing independent DOOH ad verification­ and ­real-time reporting ­to your clients. Give them ­a good reason ­to ­shift ­budgets­ from­ other channels ­to ­DOOH.

  • WIN

    Operational Effeciency

    It's your screens, your sales. We don't buy/sell ad spots. 

    We just help automate time-consuming manual work and eliminate costly­ errors.­ No longer taking proof-of-play pictures, no longer clients alerting you of some errors on your screens, that's our platform's job!

    Win­ back­ hours and focus ­on ­the good stuff­ – like building client relationships. 

  • WIN

    Be the HERO!

    When DOOH budgets grow, media operators win. You win!

    This platform is built just for the DOOH industry to create a seamless simple bridge between agencies and media operators.

  • WIN

    Change the Status Quo

    Media Operators who embrace industry-changing solutions win larger­ client­ budgets ­and ­set themselves­ apart­ from­ their competition. 

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