WIN with Airsqreen (up to 87%)!

Airsqreen has created a simple programmatic OOH (pDOOH) ad platform for the digital-out-of-home (DOOH) industry that automates, manages, verifies, and reports campaigns in real-time, aggregating all planned DOOH screens on a single dashboard

  • WIN

    Grow Your Business

    Based on our experience, we can help you stop wasting your DOOH ad budgets - up to 87%

    Plus, we can help increase your reach and sales, using the same budget.

  • WIN

    Operational Efficiency

    Airsqreen automates time-consuming work and eliminates costly errors. No need to collect Excel/PDF reports from the media owners, or login to different dashboards to track a single campaign.

    Monitor real-time campaign progress on a single dashboard, or use our automated reports to be in full control even when you're away from your laptop.

  • WIN

    I'm an Agency Person!

    It's your media plan, it's your negotiation with the media owners.

    We just help with the execution of your DOOH campaign, and replace your emails, proof-of-play pictures and delayed Excel/PDF reports with a modern advertising platform built for you.

    Now you have a great reason to ask your client to increase their DOOH budgets!

  • WIN

    Be the HERO!

    Your competitors still hope things are ok with their DOOH campaigns.

    But you replace hope & assumptions with data. And increase your reach, impressions and sales with no extra cost or effort.

    You are a hero!

Made for DOOH advertising.

  • Advertise

    Easily start your campaign by selecting dates, screens and uploading your content.

  • Verify

    Get real-time data about how your budget is spent on each screen with our built-in ad verification technology.


    Make digital out-of-home ads part of your analytics, attribution or retargeting campaigns by connecting our real-time data to your other platforms.

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  • 100% verification
  • 100% focus on efficiency
  • 100% your platform

And yes, we're famous...

Want to improve effeciency and verify your spend?

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