Advisory Board

  • David uze
    David Uze

    Managing Principal
    Anderson International

  • Doğan aksoy
    Doğan Aksoy

    Co-Founder / Investor


  • Dora adlovits
    Dora Adlovits

    Marketing & Media Specialist

  • Folker wrage
    Folker Wrage

    Leavingstone International

  • Frank goldberg
    Frank Goldberg

    Managing Director
    Digital Media Institute in Germany

  • Jonathan pigden
    Jonathan Pigden

    Managing Director, Africa
    Media Marketing Compliance

  • Kym frank
    Kym Frank

    Global Chief Experience Officer

  • Profile
    Leo Khan

    Sr. Director of Product Marketing

  • Marc kiven
    Marc Kiven

    Interim Executive Leadership | CRO
    Chameleon Collective

  • Mort aaronson
    Mort Aaronson

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Nick coston
    Nick Coston

    Media Buyer & Industry Consultant
    AdMobilize / Coston Booking Agency

  • Profile
    Oliver De La Rica

    Global Marketing Director Camel
    JTI S.A.

  • Rick liebling
    Rick Liebling

    General Manager

  • Rick robinson
    Rick Robinson

    OOH Media Executive, Public Speaker, Author, Sculptor

  • Scott williams
    Scott Williams

    Fractional Executive and Sr. Advisor
    Zane Venture Fund

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