Programmatic and Automation Technologies for Digital Out-Of-Home

DOOH Media Sellers

What do DOOH media sellers want?
DOOH media sellers want to increase their revenues by finding alternative sales channels to monetize their inventories.
Airsqreen SSP connects DOOH screens to the digital buyers, who don’t want to “spray and pray” to reach their target audiences, but instead run smart advertising campaigns and measure everything. This enables DOOH media owners sell their inventory to smart marketers, using smart algorithms and increase their revenues.
Airsqreen SSP is a pure DOOH SSP, made by DOOH people, for DOOH people.

DOOH Media Buyers

What do DOOH media buyers want?
DOOH media buyers want to reach their target audiences in smart ways – by not wasting “half” of their money, and measure everything.
Airsqreen DSP connects digital marketers to DOOH screens programmatically, allowing them spend their budgets efficiently, and measure everything possible. By utilizing data of our partners, digital marketers can target very specific audiences now, and show them ads as soon as they are around a digital screen.
Airsqreen DSP is a pure DOOH DSP, coded from scratch for DOOH media buyers!

Programmatic Technologies made for DOOH

We focus solely on DOOH – and nothing else. That’s why our technologies deliver results.

We didn’t know we could do automation for DOOH advertising so easily until we met Airsqreen. The technology and the team are great, we really enjoy working with them.

– Tolga Sayer / SkySection