Where the screens come through...

We love DOOH advertising. We just love it. It is a beautiful combination of something physical and something virtual. It is magical… 

But it is different. In internet advertising you can click a few buttons to show ads and track your campaign progress in real-time. Why not here? It is digital out-of-home, isn’t it?  

So let us solve this problem once and for all.


Our platform is a great DOOH advertising technology. It is easy to use and just as powerful. Nothing more.

No more being unsure if you will be able to show your ads on DOOH screens.

No more collecting delayed reports from media owners one by one (where there is no verified data) and try to merge them to make sense of your campaign.

Let us meet and see how we can help you with our capabilities. 

Media Owners

How about providing real-time reports to your clients, just like in internet advertising?

How about being able to tell your clients that they can confidently advertise on your screens, as there is an independent player who will verify their ads at the millisecond level?

Let us connect to discuss how we can help you to grow your business.